Here at Amber, we want to give you peace of mind through delegating the ongoing management of your financial planning to us, giving you time to focus on what is truly important in your life, be it raising a family, finding time for hobbies, excelling at work, or simply making the most of your spare time.

Putting a plan in place and executing it is a great start but everyday our lives are changing. ┬áThat may include ‘certainties’ such as a new house or holiday, or ‘uncertainties’ such as a new job, (grand) child, wedding or illness. In addition, investments fluctuate in value daily and legislation changes year on year, so keeping on top of all these changes can be a daunting prospect.

Planning with Amber avoids these headaches, and we work closely with you to make sure that you can live your life with peace of mind and help overcome any obstacles that occur along the way.

Our complete ongoing financial planning approach gives you:

  • Reviewing your financial plan when you require, ensuring you stay on track to reach future goals and retirement plans.
  • Ongoing active management of your investments to achieve targeted returns to meet future identified goals and objectives.
  • Consider changes to your personal and financial circumstances
  • Ensure your affairs remain as tax efficient as possible
  • Make sure your protection policies remain pertinent
  • Keep up to date with legislation changes

We work with you to manage your financial circumstances to ensure you continue to live the way you want.